We pride ourselves on keeping our clients happy, not only during the tuition but also after the students have taken any tests they were preparing to take. Below are some of the comments we have received from clients across all age ranges and subjects.

Rebecca (Mother of Eton KS candidate)

“Henry came to tutor my son Xander prior to his sitting the King’s Scholarship for Eton. Xander immediately connected with Henry, who was engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic. Xander came to look forward to his tutoring sessions with Henry and learnt a great deal throughout their time together. I, therefore, cannot recommend Henry more highly. He has an inherent understanding of children – not just their academic requirements but also their mindsets. Not only did Henry teach Xander a great deal academically but he taught with humour, intelligence and imparted a sense of confidence and wisdom that has proved invaluable for Xander’s upcoming scholarship.”

Maya (A level – Further Maths)

“I really enjoyed my sessions with Michael, he was helpful and stimulating; glad to see we are speaking the same language!”

Sophie (11+ – Common Entrance to St. Michael’s Grammar School)

“I am writing to express my delight at the tuition my daughter received from Alan. My daughter, Sophie passed the entrance exam for the school of her choice (St Michael) Grammar School in Finchley. It is a difficult school to get into given that it is the only faith grammar school in our area. She was the only one in her school to pass despite the other girls who sat the exam having had tuition with their own tutor for the last 2 years. I would like to thank you for putting us in touch with Alan and we would like to thank him for his patience and dedication in tutoring Sophie. If the need arises we will come back to your agency for tutoring.”

Nabil (Year 9 – English and Maths))

“I enjoy my weekly class with Ollie. He really listens to me, and is always enthusiastic. He has helped me a lot with vocabulary and reading comprehension. He was also really good to talk to when I needed advice in selecting my GCSE options. Supporting him when I saw him on the TV quiz show was also a lot of fun!”

Auj (11+ – Common Entrance Exam to QE Boys School)

“We have a wonderful experience with Athena Tuition. Right from the start, Athena has impressed us with efficient, professional manner – an approach that was able to generate the results we were looking. This was achieved in short period of time. We rarely see the kind of commitment that is your trademark. You are always able to find tutors who have related knowledge and that too in a short period. On top of that you are always there to assist when further support is required. The personal attention is what make you stand out. Well done and keep this up. I am sure this setup of Athena will grow with pace.”

Richard (AS Level – Business Studies)

“Nelson is tutoring my daughter in AS Level Business Studies. He understands the course well and has an excellent grasp of the subject. Nelson has proven himself to be capable, reliable and conscientious. Through his planned lessons and attention to detail, he has improved my daughter’s understanding of this subject, but, importantly, has also increased her passion and enthusiasm for Business Studies. Outside of lessons, he has been responsive and made himself available when my daughter has needed his advice or input. With Nelson’s assistance, my daughter is now well placed to earn a top grade in her public examinations. I highly recommend Nelson and will certainly be utilising his talent in tutoring my daughter next year for A Level Business Studies.”

Naseem (Year 11 – GCSE Maths)

“Ollie has been a great tutor. Since I started tuition with him, my horizons for my maths grade have increased – from a C/D to a B. Working through past papers with him has been really useful, and he’s improved my confidence in being able to answer questions myself. He has helped me with English coursework too, helping me to structure my writing and making writing longer answers not so daunting.”

Douglas (MBA Student)

“The sessions were excellent. I will be getting back to schedule more sessions as my accounting classes intensify.”

Max (A Level Business Studies)

“Throughout my tutoring I have been making strong progress in terms of my business studies. The tutoring has been really helpful and I would recommend it to my peers. It is a professional service which has helped my confidence in business.”

Eppie (Mum to daughter aged 13)

“I used Athena Tuition to find a mathematics tutor for my daughter. I booked Joe for three, two hour sessions. Joe was very professional, amiable and polite. He went over things in a very methodical manner and had a good sense of timing when breaks were needed. Joe also encouraged my daughter to participate and was interested in how she was learning. As my daughter was studying for the first time in English the tutoring she received was a good transition to approach the subject. I was very pleased with Joe, he was a good role model and had very broad knowledge.”

Marium (Mum to son aged 10)

“I interviewed quite a lot of tutors when looking for a tutor to help prepare my Son for the Grammar School 11+ exams. I chose Athena Tuition as their tutors had experience of the Grammar School system. The tutors were very nice, co-operative and keen to teach. When we needed any extra help they were always there. My Son really liked their style of teaching which was very interactive. He had three different tutors who specialised in their own subjects which was really good.”

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