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Athena Tuition is dedicated to providing the highest levels of tuition to students of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We appreciate that a normal approach to school-based education with perhaps an hour of private tuition a week simply doesn’t work for everyone. Therefore, we are delighted to be able to offer full home-schooling packages. We have previously provided home-schooling for many students, and work closely with the parent, student and all tutors involved to ensure that everyone is on the same page and the highest standards are achieved. Education is a personal experience, and every student has different strengths, weaknesses and abilities.

Home-schooling can ensure that every hour of education is specifically tailored to the individual student and their own interests and learning style. Whatever the age of the student, we are able to provide the most experienced tutors for each subject. With home-schooling, timetables can be flexible and adapted to ensure that focus is always on the areas that need the most help. We are in constant communication with all tutors to make sure that the timetable is effective, and that consistent and constructive feedback is being provided to the student and their family.

We also take care of assessment and examination preparation and ensure that the student is correctly enrolled for all upcoming examinations. Home-schooling allows for a completely bespoke educational experience, where the interests of the student are always put first. If you are interested in starting to home-school your child, or if you are looking for tutors to aid the home-schooling experience,


Just call 0208 133 6284 or contact us at enquiries@athenatuition.co.uk to discuss how we can help.

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