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We provide a dedicated service specialising in both SQA Standard Grades and Highers and English-style GCSE and A Level qualifications. We can also provide assistance with university applications and entrance exams such as the 11+ and 13+, as well as more widely-applicable key skills.

Call or email us with your request, and we will use our wide network of experienced tutors to find a great match. When we have found the ideal tutor we put them in contact with you and lessons can begin with tutors coming directly to your home.

Athena Tuition also understands the need to treat each child or student uniquely. Even when we prepare students for specific, highly-specialised examinations, our tutors find innovative ways to support the students, and to inspire them to enjoy learning. Our tuition is tailored to the child, right from our youngest students, who are only just learning to read, to our oldest, who are studying in universities across Scotland and further afield.

Our tutors come from diverse backgrounds, from actors to former independent school teachers to accomplished graduates from a range of Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. In Edinburgh, many of our tutors are current undergraduates or postgraduates, with impressive academic records and backgrounds in teaching or research. We encourage our tutors to develop strong relationships with the families they work for, so they know the student, know the family’s expectations, and fit tuition in with your busy schedule.


Just call 0131 618 6538 or contact us at to discuss how we can help.


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