The competition for top school and university places is increasingly intense.


Our experienced tutors work across a range of popular and unusual examinations, from Common Entrance at 11+ and 13+ to Oxbridge Entrance. Our subject-specialised tutors provide ongoing tutoring to students and, as examinations get closer, intensive preparation and revision sessions.


Putting your child at ease


Our examination preparation services are diverse. We provide lessons, interview coaching, and preparation for psychometric testing and subject-specific preparation, revision sessions, and coursework support (within syllabus boundaries).


Our team of specialist tutors provide regular and thorough preparation for students as they approach their entrance examinations. Our role is to reduce stress or anxiety – both for parents and students. We ensure that students are familiar with the exam format, and the challenges they will face in the unfamiliar context of an exam hall, reducing uncertainty and putting them in the best possible position to succeed.


After successful examinations or interviews, Athena offers continuing hands-on support as students begin the next part of their academic lives at a new school, or at university.


Common Entrance


The Independent Schools Examination Board Common Entrance exam is a critical test for many students aiming to gain entry to the best independent Schools in the country.


These assessments can be demanding and stressful for children. Athena’s Common Entrance tutors all understand the competitive atmosphere that surrounds 11+ and 13+ preparations across many prep and primary schools in London. Our tutors work with students to help reduce the stress involved in this process and attain the best results: we help students at many different levels to prepare as they approach this important exam.


Success in Common Entrance, for us, means more than just getting the school place – it also involves the child retaining or developing real self-confidence in their ability and viewing academic achievement in its proper perspective.



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