6 tips when preparing for university (from the team at Athena Tuition).

JULY 29th, 2015.

1. Get in touch

Congratulations! You've got your place at university, finally polished off your A levels and now it'll soon be time to start your degree.

In order to prepare, it is a good idea to contact your academic tutors in advance. Whether it's Maths, English, Medicine or even Sports Science, your future teacher will be happy to tell you how to prepare and to give you a taste of what to expect. They might also tell you about academic work they have done (which many teach from during the course). This can be a great way of getting a leg up and having an advantage over other students.

2. Research the syllabus

Most universities, including Oxbridge and the London School of Economics put the reading materials for their courses online. This will give you an idea of what to learn ahead of time. You can also ask current students what is on the syllabus. Alternatively, hiring an experienced tutor through us at Athena Tuition in the Greater London area will be helpful.

3. Get ahead

Many subjects like Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics are taught incrementally. This means you need to really nail and understand the first week before you can understand the second week of classes. This means if you miss a few lessons, perhaps by being out too late (!) it is difficult to catch up. Once you know the study materials, get ahead in the summer to prevent this from happening. Build a strong foundation of learning which will only make it easier for you when you get to university.

4. Get involved in university life

Look at your university's student societies and student union before you even get there to give you some advance time to think about what opportunities exist. Subject specific societies like the Maths society or the Geological society are great, as are extra-curricular societies such as music or sport. They are a great place to meet the like minded people you'll work with and go through university with.

5. What kind of university?

Every university has a different teaching style. For example, within Economics, Imperial College and the LSE tend to teach more mathematics, whereas Oxford and Cambridge usually give a richer history of the subject. Learning the style of your degree course will help you learn the right topics and enable you to do the right preparation.

6. Consider private tuition

High quality private tuition can be a great way to get ahead. At Athena Tuition our experienced tutors know degree level subjects very well, having been taught from a variety of universities and having a large amount of tutoring experience. This will help you measure your progress and get the inside scoop from top tutors around London. There's no faster way to learn than 1 to 1.

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