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Athena Tuition is one of London's finest tutoring agencies, specialising in preparing domestic or international students for their exams. Based in Hampstead, London and in Edinburgh, we provide Private Tuition from our experienced London tutors in any major academic subject.

Whether you are looking for assistance in preparing for the 11 or 13 plus exams, GCSE and A level private tutoring, or even school selection and educational consultancy, Athena Tuition is there to support your needs.

However, unlike other tuition agencies, we do not merely pride ourselves on having an excellent academic background. Our team members also have outstanding careers. Our team knows what it takes to get the good grades, and more importantly we know how to position ourselves to maximise our potential opportunities.

Meet our team


Wesley James Sanders (Education and Marketing Director)

Based in Hampstead as Education Director, Wesley is responsible for maintaining top standards of tuition across all subjects and at all ages, and in charge of the company's marketing efforts. With Nelson Lo, Wesley works personally with clients and tutors to ensure that Athena is making good matches, and that the quality of teaching remains excellent.

As well as managing Athena Tuition, Wesley tutors in economics and history, focusing on A-Level and degree level students. He has also tutored and taught in Suzhou, China, where he lived and worked for a year from 2011 to 2012. Wesley has travelled extensively across China and India, and he supports Nelson Lo with Athena's international clients.

Wesley is a graduate in Economics and Politics from Exeter University, and has also spent time working with innovative technology firms including BookingBug and HelloFresh.


Nelson Lo (Client Service Director)

As Client Services Director and also based in Hampstead, Nelson is the main point of liaison for many of Athena clients. With Wesley Sanders, Nelson matches our students with our tutors - all of whom we interview one-on-one, and all of whose teaching abilities we have tested in interview.

In addition to his work with Athena's UK-based clients, Nelson takes responsibility for the company's international clients, who come mainly from China and Hong Kong, the United States, and continental Europe. Nelson oversees arrangements for clients seeking remote tuition via Skype, as well as for students moving to the UK - and into the UK education system - for the first time.

Nelson is also an 11+ tutor with Athena, and has broad knowledge of the UK's independent schools. Nelson graduated from Exeter University with a Distinction in MSc Marketing, and has worked as a researcher and a marketer for several companies, including the Financial Times and the European Space Agency.


Janet Yung (Academic Consultant)

As a consultant to Athena, Janet advises the company on its approaches to teaching and learning, as well as offering advice and support in our corporate development.

Janet is an experienced tutor of children and young adults of all ages, and has strong knowledge of UK sixth form and university admission processes. She advises our clients directly on these subjects, as well as supporting our other tutors in these particular areas of expertise.

Janet has worked in commercial real estate and the FMCG industries as an investment and finance analyst, and has a particular understanding of business development in rapidly-growing, customer-oriented companies.

Janet is a graduate of the University of Cambridge with a BA in Land Economy.


Fiona Barnett

Fiona, based in Edinburgh, studied Law at Durham University, before receiving her LLM in International Law from the University of Edinburgh. She has written high school courses, curricula and study guides, and has experience working in the education systems of Scotland, England and Wales, and the United States.

Previously she has worked in industries as diverse as technical theatre, construction law, and employment consultancy. Education might be her favourite way of sharing digestible versions of complicated information yet.


Taym Saleh

Taym, based in Edinburgh, specialises in teaching history, Spanish and politics. He has experience of guiding students through their studies at both school and university levels. Not only does this concern improving exam results, but it is also about nurturing a better understanding of the subject at hand - and, indeed, a love of it. This is done by tailoring lessons to the specific requirements of the student. This can consist of focusing on a particular exam paper, or taking a broader approach to the entire subject. Aside from tuition, Taym has, from London to Dubai, worked in institutions dealing with Middle Eastern affairs. He also conducts independent academic research.

As an agency, the core of what Athena does is find and train the best tutors possible across the Greater London and Edinburgh areas- Our success is dependent on us doing this above all else.

Smart, Passionate and Experienced

Our tutors know what it takes to succeed. However, that alone is not good enough. Each of our tutors knows instinctively how to channel their knowledge appropriately for their student's tuition- making the learning process fun, engaging and ultimately successful.

To maintain this edge, Athena Tuition provides further training and support to all of our tutors throughout their time with us, ensuring they keep up to date with the latest developments in their subject areas and exam syllabus changes in the common entrance examinations- the 11+ and 13+.

Our selection process

Tutors are naturally the heart of our company. A good tutor can be a life changing experience for a student, changing their view or attitude toward a subject or even the whole trajectory of their learning. Naturally therefore, we only accept the best people with the right attitude, focusing on providing tutors with experience to families who need it.

We also take careful consideration of the personalities of each tutor to ensure that we make the best match possible for each individual student.

A few of our tutors

Below are listed a handful of our tutors with significant amounts of prior tutoring experience and whose services are a good example of the level of high level tutoring quality students would receive through Athena Tuition.


Dr. Pedder / Specialist in Physics and Maths

  • Graduated from Trinity College Cambridge in Maths and Natural Sciences
  • Teaching experience to undergraduate level with Maths and Physics students at Cambridge
  • Awarded the Heilbronn Prize for Mathematics

"We all remember the best teachers we had at school. They are the ones who broaden our horizons and make us realise there are so many possibilities for our futures. I relish the challenge of being that person who can help students of all abilities reach their full potential, and to share the fascination and enjoyment of the incredible universe around us which has driven my physics research for the last 10 years."


Joan / Specialist in English, Law, Psychology and essay assistance

  • Graduated from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in Law
  • Professional Actress, experience from the Royal Shakespeare company, Young Vic and the BBC

"Not everybody has an easy time with education. Or even enjoys it. As a tutor I believe that it is both crucial and possible to find an accessible way to achieve high results within our education system. Every student has an individual approach (or perhaps may not even know what theirs is yet!), and as a tutor my aim is to enhance their learning style and developing the skills that they already obtain."


Alaric / Specialist in Biology, Anthropology and Oxford entrance exams

  • Graduated from Queens College, Oxford
  • Over 10 years on giving seminars and lectures to Oxford University on the nature of science, social science and anthropology at the Human Science Faculty
  • Former head of Biology, d'Overbroecks College, Oxford

"Many students find that my tutoring not only benefits from the many years of experience that I have gained in my 30 years at Oxford, but also from the adventurous and interesting life that I have led for much of that time. Anecdotes, stories and exploits drawn from direct personal experience are powerful in the way they carry a message. As well, they make lessons more colourful and easy to remember. Together, these two dimensions of my life give me a system that gets outstanding results, and it is that which drives my tuition and my students to both progress and success."


Omari / Specialist in English, Spanish and Common Entrance exams

  • Graduated from Oxford in English and Spanish
  • Prepared students at 11+ for Westminster, St Paul's Girls, KCS, Latymer, Emanuel and Harrodian, and at 13+ boys have won places at Eton, Harrow, Tonbridge and Radley

"As a tutor, I never forget to treat my students as individuals: in my lessons their unique talents will be just as important as their specific needs in helping them fulfil their potential and succeed. I'm lively, enthusiastic, highly organised and have over 6 years of tutoring and mentoring experience behind me."


Heather / Specialist in Biology, Chemistry and Special Education Needs teaching

  • Newnham college Cambridge graduate in biochemistry
  • Public speaker at British Medical Association

"Success is born from determination and the right tools, namely education. Growing up in a deprived area with two disabled parents taught me how education can transform a future. As a tutor, I believe that learning is a gift. Working with students as individuals, allows them to unlock this gift and reach their potential while keeping a smile on their faces."

As a tuition agency dedicated to serve the whole Greater London and Edinburgh regions, Athena Tuition's philosophy and mission is to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the personalised learning experience of a tutor. Our society still runs its education system in the Victorian mould of 30 children to one teacher and one learning plan in a classroom.

The only problem is that not one of the children in a class has the learning experience tailored directly to their needs, and all of them have to accept a "one size fits all" approach.

Tutors allow us to improve on this model by providing students with that personalised time, focusing on the aspects of a subject that they find particularly difficult or challenging, complementing the formal education they have to go through.

However, education has always been about more than just passing exams - it's about establishing a framework for learning that will last a lifetime.

Naturally, every student - whether at university level or at secondary school, in English, Maths or Science - has their own individual way of learning. Nevertheless, the examinations they have to pass are the same.

We therefore ensure that we match each student with a tutor suited to your exact specifications to get the most out of each tuition session. We look carefully at a student's interests and hobbies, and provide a tutor that we think is the best match to get them through the exams they face with maximum success, and to prepare them for life to come.

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