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Athena Tuition is based in Hampstead, London and in Edinburgh, Scotland and specialises in finding the very best private tutors for families.

How We Work

Call or email us with your request and we use our wide network of experienced tutors to find a great match. When we have found the ideal tutor we put them in contact with you and lessons can begin with tutors coming directly to your home.

On top of providing a tailored service for every one of our students, we also focus on changing a student's perception of the subject. We understand that true success in anything requires real interest and passion. Once the primary learning target has been met, we encourage the student to explore the subject beyond the constraints of the syllabus and to develop an understanding of the subject applications and its wider relevance in the world.

Athena tuition also understands the need to treat each child or student uniquely. Even when we prepare students for specific, highly-specialised examinations like the 11+ or 13+, our tutors find innovative ways to support the students, and to inspire them to enjoy learning. Our tuition is tailored to the child, right from our youngest students, who are only just learning to read, to our oldest, who are studying in universities across the country.

At Athena Tuition, we take a great deal of care matching tutors to students. Our directors interview all of our tutors one-to-one enabling us to know our tutors as individuals and make excellent matches. We also encourage tutors and students to meet one another online, via Skype, if either party is uncertain about the other's profile and needs. Once a match has been found, we stay in regular contact with you to ensure our tutors continue to teach inspiring, stimulating lessons. We keep in touch in ways that suit our parents and students - whether that be over the phone, by email, by text, or even WhatsApp.

Our Tutors

Our tutors come from diverse backgrounds, from actors to former independent school heads of department to accomplished graduates from a range of Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. We encourage our tutors to develop strong relationships with the families they work for, so they know the student, know the family's expectations, and learn how to fit tuition into with the busy schedules of Athena families.

We and our tutors meet regularly with schools and teachers to ensure that we understand the needs of a constantly changing curriculum and exam boards. We stay on top of the educational debate, and publish our thoughts on our blog, and on our Twitter account.

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Call 0208 133 6284 or contact us at enquiries@athenatuition.co.uk to discuss your needs.

Private tutoring is our core service. We provide tuition to children, young people and adults across the UK through long-lasting client-tutor relationships.

Tuition in London and Edinburgh

Athena Tuition is based in Hampstead and provides tuition to families in both London and Edinburgh.

Our tutors are all either Russell Group University graduates or highly experienced private tutors who come to us with excellent reviews and track records. Our tutors are required to be familiar with the relevant exam board's latest syllabus, so our students attain the best possible results in an increasingly competitive academic environment.

Our Subjects

Maths, English and Science at all levels are our most frequently tutored subjects, but we also have talented tutors in Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Classics, Computing, Economics, English as a Foreign Language, French, Geography, German, History, Law, Mandarin Chinese, Politics, Physics and Spanish.

We tutor for entrance examinations including the 7+, 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance Examinations, the Oxbridge interview process, GCSE, A Level and medical school examinations (MCAT), among many others including specific school entrance exams.

To be certain of the best possible match between student and tutor for any given subject, we provide introductions to tutors via Skype before agreeing to organise a first lesson. Unlike many other agencies, we charge no joining fee whatsoever.

Online tuition is available on request. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

What's the first step?

Just call 0208 133 6284 or contact us at enquiries@athenatuition.co.uk to discuss how we can help.

The competition for top school and university places is increasingly intense.

Our experienced tutors work across a range of popular and unusual examinations, from Common Entrance at 11+ and 13+ to Oxbridge Entrance. Our subject-specialised tutors provide ongoing tutoring to students and, as examinations get closer, intensive preparation and revision sessions.

Putting your child at ease

Our examination preparation services are diverse. We provide lessons, interview coaching, and preparation for psychometric testing and subject-specific preparation, revision sessions, and coursework support (within syllabus boundaries).

Our team of specialist tutors provide regular and thorough preparation for students as they approach their entrance examinations. Our role is to reduce stress or anxiety - both for parents and students. We ensure that students are familiar with the exam format, and the challenges they will face in the unfamiliar context of an exam hall, reducing uncertainty and putting them in the best possible position to succeed.

After successful examinations or interviews, Athena offers continuing hands-on support as students begin the next part of their academic lives at a new school, or at university.

Common Entrance

The Independent Schools Examination Board Common Entrance exam is a critical test for many students aiming to gain entry to the best independent Schools in the country.

These assessments can be demanding and stressful for children. Athena's Common Entrance tutors all understand the competitive atmosphere that surrounds 11+ and 13+ preparations across many prep and primary schools in London. Our tutors work with students to help reduce the stress involved in this process and attain the best results: we help students at many different levels to prepare as they approach this important exam.

Success in Common Entrance, for us, means more than just getting the school place - it also involves the child retaining or developing real self-confidence in their ability and viewing academic achievement in its proper perspective.

Call 0208 133 6284 or contact us at enquiries@athenatuition.co.uk to discuss how we can help. For more information about applications please select an option below:

The British education system is complicated, unique, and can be difficult to understand. Our team at Athena advises and assists overseas students trying to integrate into the British education system.

Athena has a thorough understanding of the British education system, especially British independent schools. We have excellent connections with top private and boarding schools, and provide tailored advice for parents seeking out an ideal school for their child, or children.

Our experience in the education system means we are able to provide the best advice for school choice, taking into account schools' qualities including academic attainment across a range of subjects, sporting prowess, musical facilities, competition for places, fee levels, and other extra-curricular needs.

Ongoing support

We prepare international students for school entrance examinations, and offer tuition in languages other than English. Once placed at a school, we also provide extra lessons (for instance, in English as a Foreign Language), helping our students to achieve in lessons, to communicate with friends, and to enjoy the rich extra-curricular opportunities available to them.

We also have extensive connections with host families and guardians for students coming to the UK unaccompanied. Our students come from countries across the world, including China and Hong Kong, continental Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.

Just call 0208 133 6284 or email us at enquiries@athenatuition.co.uk to discuss how we can help.

Our connections with excellent schools across the United Kingdom give us insights into the relative strengths of each institution, and its suitability for your needs.

When we advise families, we begin by meeting with the student, or learning about them remotely via Skype or through conversations with parents. We like to learn about their interests, their academic attainment, their extra-curricular activities, their unique strengths. We take this information away, shortlist schools that in our view would be a good fit for the child, and discuss potential options with the family. We use personal and professional connections, our own expert tutors, and our own in-house research to inform our advice.

We offer visits for both parents and children to the shortlisted schools. We can attend those visits with you, or leave you to enjoy them, allowing the school to take the lead.

Once you have chosen from the range of institutions we recommend, we provide full support and guidance throughout the application process and beyond, and typically prepare students for the chosen school's entrance exam, if applicable.

Providing tutors to get your child's abilities up to scratch is a core Athena service. Our tutors teach a wide range of subjects and levels, and are highly experienced with entrance to schools including such as Harrow School, St Pauls School, Eton College, Wellington College, and others.

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